La Mera Frontera is a meditation on the border and memory which
takes as its point of departure the last battle between the United
States and Mexico. In 1918, neighbors from the border towns of
Nogales, Arizona and Nogales, Sonora shot at each other for a day.
Among the many citizens who lay dead was Maria Esquivel, who
"returns" in the present to interview surviving witnesses, all now 80
to 90 years old. As a stymied historical detective Maria wrestles with
the failure of Nogales' citizens' accounts to coalesce or recollect her
and her absence in the local archives and films. Unable to uncover
her past, Maria takes history into her own hands.
Running time - 90 minutes.

La Mera Frontera is currently being shown in limited engagements at film festivals in California and Europe.

Louis Hock,
photographer and editor, 903 26th Street, San Diego CA 92102, (619) 534-2915
The Mexican Tapes: A Chronical of Life Outside the Law

Yareli Arizmendi, lead actor
Like Water Like Chocolate, The Big Green, NYPD Blue, Murder One, The Cisco Kid

Music consultants: Greg Scott, Donald Larry, Bob Willie, Sergio Arau,

Los Mariacis performed by Charlie Mingus

Yankee Doodle Dandy performed by La Banda San Jose

Zacatecas, Codina, performed by Territorial Brass

30 de Mayo, Federico Ronstadt, arr. Sheila Foraker, performed by Territorial Brass

Pienso en Ti, Federico Ronstadt, arr. Sheila Foraker, performed by Territorial Brass

Chester, arr. Paul Green, performed by Territorial Brass

Santiago, A. Corbin, performed by Territorial Brass (recorded for soundtrack, but not included in finished film)

Ragtime Cowboy Joe, arr. Paul Green, performed by Territorial Brass (recorded but not included in film)

Louis Hock, producer
Jack Miller, recording engineer
Recorded 1995 at Camelback Bible Church, Phoenix, Arizona

Available as Volume 2 on CD "Distant Horns, Vols. 1 & 2", which is currently out of print as a CD, but available for download on iTunes.
Listen to excerpts on iTunes.

Don Larry, 523 North Macdonald, Mesa, AZ 85201, (480) 833-2729