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Zacatecas, Codina

30 de Mayo, Federico Ronstadt, arr. Sheila Foraker

Chester, arr. Paul Green

Pienso en Ti, Federico Ronstadt, arr. Sheila Foraker

Santiago, A. Corbin

U.S. Army Reveille Galop, 1896, Achille LaGuardia

Shenandoah, c1820, arr. H. Bosell

Cocoanut Dance, 1891, Andrew Hermann

Her Bright Smile Haunts Me Still, Wrighton, arr. Bosell

Sleeping Beauty, 1895, Achille LaGuardia

Love's Old Sweet Song, 1898, Molloy, arr. L.P. Laurendeau

Belle of the Season, Bratton, arr. Sheila Foraker

Horas de Melancolia, 1891, Navano, arr. M.C. Meyrelles

Freighting From Willcox to Globe, c1900, arr. Sheila Foraker

Adjutant Collin's March, 1895, Achille LaGuardia

See the Conquering Hero Comes, G.F. Handel, arr. Paul Green

The Lancers Quickstep, 1837, F.L. Raymond, arr. Sheila Foraker

In Old Madrid, 1898, H. Trotere, arr. Laurendeau

When the Quiet Moon is Beaming, 1899, Mahl,

Father, Come Home, 1864, Henry C. Work, arr. Sheila Foraker

Marse Henry March, 1896, Achille LaGuardia

La Golondrina, 1891, Serradell, arr. M.C. Meyrelles

Ramona, Indian Intermezzo, 1903, Lee Johnson

When You and I Were Young, Maggie, 1866, George Johnson

Belle of Cincinatti March, 1895, Achille LaGuardia